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Business Plan Competition

Business Plan Competition

Business Plan Competition on Services & Manufacturing Industry


International Business Plan Competition is a competition that provides opportunities for students in tertiary institutions to increase their competence in the field of entrepreneurship (business) through the development and the presentation of creative and innovative business plan to the judges. Participants in this competition have the opportunity to convey their business ideas that have value and competitiveness as outlined in their business plan.

The objective of this program is to develop students’ skills in planning businesses in order to produce creative and innovative products so that they can become young entrepreneurs who can create jobs and solve the problem of unemployment in Indonesia. This innovative idea is embodied in a business proposal. This competition requires participants to be able to develop business ideas that prioritize creativity and innovation that can be run as innovative solutions.




Participants in the International Business Plan Competition are:

  1. Active Students of Diploma & Undergraduate Programs at domestic and foreign universities (for the Diploma & Undergraduate category).
  2. Students /Active Students of SMA / SMK Equivalents (in SMA / SMK Equivalents at home and abroad (for the Student category)
  3. One team consists of 3 students in one university / school.
  4. There are no restrictions on the participating teams of a higher education,
  5. Business Sectors: Services & Manufacturing Industry
  6. The Business Plan Proposal submitted is the original work of the participants of this competition.
  7. After registration is closed, members of each team cannot be replaced for any reason.


Important Days


Registration Fee

  • Participants for Colleges Category: IDR 300,000 / participant team
  • Participants for Student Category: IDR 150,000 / participant team


How To Register Your Team

  1. Fill in your identity on the registration form by the link: wican.widyatama.ac.id (https://forms.gle/mEYSrptJyfugj68q8)
  2. Complete the registration payment

Account Bank OCBC 6118.1009.5111

a.n Universitas Widyatama

  1. Please send your softcopy payment evidence for Business Plan Competition to: wican.widyatama.ac.id (Menu : Konfirmasi Pembayaran) and manual confirmation to our contact person (via WhatsApp).
  2. After completed registration form and payment, please send your Business Plan to: wicanmanagement@widyatama.ac.id, with subject: Name of Institution_BPC Manufacturing/Service*_Name Team, and file name: Name of Institution_BPC Manufacturing/Service*_Name Team in PDF.
  3. Template of BUSINESS PLAN WICAN 2020
    WICAN 2020_Business Plan Template
    Template BUSINESS PLAN WICAN 2020 for SMA_SMK (pdf)

Contact Person

  • Vina Silviani Marinda (+ 62896 -5070 -0400)
  • John Henry W. (+6281-5605-3577)
  • Fidya (+6285-6232-5230)


Link Registration

https://wican.widyatama.ac.id/ or https://forms.gle/mEYSrptJyfugj68q8

Finalist Announcement_Business Plan Competition

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